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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

All the transfers and all the LIES!


The reason I call it a season is because it is long, grueling and for some clubs(Arsenal) frustrating.

I used to love the this time of the year because of all the transfers and the buzz of potential signings,but recently in the last few years it has been irritating and annoying. The newspapers that publish such drivel really get on my nerves and I'm sure yours as well. The ones I particularly get annoyed with and I have seen tell the most lies is DAILY MAIL, there are a few others,but this one is the worst. They have reported so much BS. "It is believed that Juan Mata is set to leave Chelsea for a reported 35million".The Spanish press are just as bad to the point where I think they just publish the first thing that comes to mind and runs with it. THE MARCA.

The amount of nonsense these papers come up with is very worrying, as I am sure they do this just to sell papers and create controversy which means more money for them. However there is one particular newspaper or website I trust and has never failed in providing accurate news, SKY SPORTSNEWS. 

My blog may be to opinionated,but I am sure I am not alone in this. Do not believe what these under par newspapers report wait for it to become official as I used to spend hours obsessing over speculations and rumors.